Having listened to many devastating incidents, both from patients and from news stories that have occurred from surgery going wrong to no one taking responsibility, we thought it was time to offer readers some tips on what to check before they go under the knife. 
There are many situations that patients are left unhappy after surgery. It can be from when their transformation has gone wrong and no after care is put in place to finding out that the surgeon has carried out a botched up job. Once you begin on this journey of devastating news, it can be difficult for some clients to return to their former selves, impacting them not just physically, but emotionally too. 
Whether it's Cosmetic Breast Surgery or, minor cosmetic surgery such as lip fillers - we urge our readers to be aware of surgeons who may not be legally registered that may just pop in implants or, rogue beauticians carrying out backstreet botox and chemical peels. 
We want our patients and visitors to review 5 Top Tips before they go for their surgery. 
Five Top Tips for your Cosmetic Surgery: 
1. Use a UK base surgeon 
2. Make sure the surgeon is a specialist in the area of expertise required 
3. Check the surgeon is registered with the relevant bodies 
4. Research, research, research the surgeon before you go under the knife 
5. Check what aftercare is offered by the surgeon 
This can be for any surgery and not just cosmetic surgery. 
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