If you are unhappy with the size and shape of your breasts, there are several options available to you. You may wish to have implants to enlarge your breasts. Alternatively, you may just want a breast lift to improve the look and feel of your breasts. Or you might want a combination of both. 
But can you combine a breast lift with breast implants? At Suffolk Breast Practice, we take every patient’s needs into account. In this post, we’ll explore the commonly asked questions surrounding breast augmentation surgery, implants, and breast lifts. 

Combining Breast Implants with a Breast Lift 

A breast lift (also called mastopexy) involves removing excess skin in order to give the breasts a more lifted look. On the other hand, a breast augmentation (or breast enlargement) involves the insertion of implants to enlarge the breasts. The combined procedure is often referred to as an augmentation mastopexy. 
Both procedures serve different purposes, but can be combined depending on the desired effect. Breast lifts can be beneficial for women with saggy breasts, while implants increase volume and fullness. Combining both procedures can ensure your breasts regain a youthful appearance, while also rectifying any irregularities, such as asymmetrical breasts. 
In terms of the procedure, an incision will be made to insert the implants. Excess skin will be removed and your nipples will be repositioned. The breast tissue will be reshaped accordingly and the wounds will be healed with stitches. The procedure can take several hours; you will be placed under general anaesthetic to ensure ease of comfort. 
The relationship between surgeon and patient is paramount. It is important that we have a good understanding of your desires so we can ensure that an augmentation mastopexy is the best option for you. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your needs to ensure you gain the best results. We will also conduct a physical exam to confirm you are fit to undergo surgery. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Combining breast augmentation with a breast lift could be the best option for you. To provide you with further understanding, we have listed some of the frequently asked questions about augmentation mastopexy, implants, augmentation, and breast lifts. 
1) Does an augmentation mastopexy carry greater risks? 
If you opt to have implants with your breast lift, you will be exposed to the risks associated with augmentation surgery. An augmentation mastopexy also increases the likelihood a patient will require follow-up surgery. This is simply because the operation is a complex combination of two procedures. However, many people go on to make a full recovery. 
2) What are the risks of breast augmentation and breast lift? 
Every procedure carries risks, but they are often outweighed by the benefits. If you desire implants, you must be aware of the associated risks. Implants are susceptible to leakage over time. Risks associated with breast lifts include bleeding, infection, and fat necrosis. Some risks are more common than others and can be mitigated with proper after-care. 
3) Which implants are the best? 
Breast implants come in different shapes and sizes. You can choose either silicone or saline implants; both have their advantages and disadvantages. Silicone implants are the most natural of the two, while saline implants are typically cheaper. We will discuss the most suitable implant for you during your consultation. You can also find more information on how to choose the most appropriate breast implant here
4) What should I expect after surgery? 
Following your augmentation mastopexy, you should expect some scarring and swelling. Bruising around the breast can also develop, but these side effects should heal in time. You may also feel some pain when touching your breasts. It will take time for your breasts to heal, so make sure you follow your surgeon’s advice to ensure a swift recovery. 
5) How long is the recovery time? 
It can take several weeks for you to recover from surgery. To aid your recovery, you should wear loose-fitting clothing and avoid any strenuous exercise. It is advised that you take as much rest as possible, but do not stay idle. You may not see the desired results of the surgery until several weeks after the operation. 
Surgeons at Suffolk Breast Practice are fully-trained and qualified, so you can be sure you are in the safest hands. We have a combined experience of over 25 years. We always seek to provide our patients with an impartial service sensitive to their needs and circumstances. 
To find out what surgery we offer, visit our procedures page. Alternatively, visit our blog to discover more useful tips and information. 
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