Whilst there are many questions around breast surgery, one question may be concerning clients at this moment is whether the Covid-19 vaccine affects breast implants
We have not come across any issues to date, however we are aware the vaccine has only been rolling out in recent months and are keeping abreast of any changes that we hear. 
Inflammatory Reactions to Dermal Fillers 
Recently, doctors across the pond, in the US have come across extremely rare reactions that have been linked with the Covid-19 vaccine and dermal fillers to the face. 
Dermal filling is a cosmetic procedure whereby the substance is injected to usually the face and commonly the lips. It is to enhance the appearance of a much fuller area on the face. 
Although the link to dermal fillers and the vaccine has been questioned, experts confidently believe that being infected with Covid-19 outweighs theirs from a reaction to one of the dermal filler vaccines. 
Breast Implants and the Covid-19 Jab 
This leads us to question whether this is likely to affect those with breast implants. Naturally, it will be of concern to patients who are planning on getting the COVID vaccine and breast implants or, those who have already had the vaccine administered whilst they have breast implants. 
So far, there have not been any reported incidences of the Covid vaccine. Patients and clients have had many vaccines whilst having a flu jab in the past and we have not had any reports of such vaccinations affecting breast implants previously. 
We have understood that some female surgeons with breast implants have not been concerned about their own breast implants and have proceeded to having the Covid-19 jab. 
At Suffolk Breast Practice it is in our interest to ensure patients are fully informed of any procedure that they undergo with us. Whilst there aren’t any incidents that we have come across to date, we will continue to check with our peers and keep abreast of any changes in current news. 
Essex Breast Practice and Suffolk Breast Practice 
Across the globe, there has been an increase in cosmetic surgery, including breast surgery particularly whilst in this pandemic. More people have been considering surgery as an option to make changes to their appearance whether that be through illness or personal choice. 
As always, we encourage our clients who may be concerned about any issues to do with breast surgery at our Suffolk or Essex breast practice to speak to us.  
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