Breast fat transfer, also known as lipofilling has become a growing popular procedure over the years in the UK. Removing the fat from unwanted areas to transfer to your breasts can create an unmistakable boost in appearance. To simply put, this procedure transforms a woman’s breasts from contouring and symmetry to shape and volume enhancement. 
The Natural Benefits of Breast Fat Transfer 
Undoubtedly, all surgical procedures come with a risk. Many women are often concerned about the possibility of an allergic reaction to injectable fillers. This is because some fillers can contain chemicals that may cause a reaction. With breast fat transfer, the procedure uses the patient’s own fat, which can considerably reduce the possibility of an allergic reaction. 
If you are looking to restore volume or shape that has been lost over the years due to weight loss, ageing, pregnancy or breastfeeding but still want to keep the natural look, breast fat transfer should be considered when discussing this with your surgeon. With it being an implant-free procedure, it can leave your breasts feeling and looking more natural. 
The purpose of breast fat transfer is to remove the fat from unwanted areas. For many women, fat can be removed from an area of the body in which they seek less confidence. These personally troublesome areas have included the stomach, hips and thighs. We often find some areas of our body that can be very reluctant to reduce in fat. In this case, the breast fat transfer procedure could offer other benefits, such as slimming an area of your body whilst enhancing the volume of your breasts. 
Whether you are self-conscious about the shape, balance or position of your breasts. This procedure is a better option for women who want a subtle alteration without having implants. A particular difference can be for women who want to achieve a symmetrical procedure to their breasts. 
For those who are concerned about the procedure of breast implants, considering breast fat transfer is a good option, as it can be less invasive to the body. Incisions will be made to remove the fat from the unwanted area, using liposuction. The fat cells will then be injected into your breast; as a result, it can leave less visible scarring. 
Like all procedures, it can have its limitations. Naturally slimmer women with less body fat may not have the option of a breast fat transfer, or women who want to go above 2 cup sizes may want to consider breast implants. 
At our practices, both Suffolk Breast Practice and Essex Breast Practice, your health is our top priority. For those considering the options, we will provide you with the highest standard of advice to help you decide which procuedure is best suited for you.  
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