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Posts from May 2020

You have just found out you are pregnant, but you’ve booked yourself a breast enlargement for next week. Or, maybe you have recently had a breast reduction and you are worried that getting pregnant will undo the good work. 
Whatever the case, pregnancy can affect your breast surgery results. So, what happens if you get pregnant after breast surgery? Suffolk Breast Practice walks you through your options. 
At Suffolk Breast Practice, we seek to educate as well as provide care for our patients. You may be concerned about bumps on your areola, but there is generally no need to worry. These bumps are called Montgomery glands, or Montgomery’s Tubercles, and act to moisturise the nipples. They are present in both men and women and may look like small pimples on the areola. 
The areola is the pigmented, circular area that surrounds the nipple. Darker in colour when compared to the rest of the skin, the areola contains little bumps known as Montgomery glands to moisturise the nipple. You may be concerned about the size, shape, or general look of your areolas. Suffolk Breast Practice can provide you with information to help you understand your areolas. 
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