There are several questions before undergoing breast implant surgery you should ask your surgeon. A breast enlargement (or breast augmentation surgery) can have radical, life-changing results. It is therefore important that you ask the right questions before committing yourself to surgery. If you are unsure of what to ask your surgeon, do not worry; Suffolk Breast Practice offers the top questions to ask your surgeon during your consultation. 
1. Speak with the surgeon who will operate on you 
Before we consider what questions to ask, it is extremely important that you know which surgeon will be operating on you. You should find this out during your consultation. We, at Suffolk / Essex Breast Practice get to understand our patients needs as a priority. 
Not all surgeons are trained to perform every procedure; therefore, it is vital that you speak with the surgeon who will perform the breast augmentation. Your surgeon should have an intimate knowledge of the operation, so direct your questions to them. By communicating with your surgeon, you will build trust and understanding and most importantly any ambiguity of the procedure should leave you in full confidence before your breast implant surgery. 
2. What are the risks of breast implant surgery? 
Before having breast implant surgery, you should be aware of the risks associated with the procedure. Be open and honest with your surgeon. Tell them of any underlying health conditions that may increase risks during surgery. A patient’s health is the top priority for all professional surgeons. 
During your consultation, your surgeon will assess your general health to ensure you are fit to undergo surgery. They will also speak with you to make sure surgery is the best option for you. As with any operation, breast implant surgery carries several risks. Visit our breast implant page to learn more. 
3. What happens during the Surgery? 
Prior to surgery, you should ask your surgeon what the procedure entails. Different surgeons use different techniques, depending on the individual patient and the operation. By knowing what happens during breast implant surgery, you will gain a better understanding of how the surgery will impact you. 
You should discuss the details of the surgical procedure and how best to prepare for it. For more information on breast augmentation procedure.  
4. Will surgery give me my desired results? 
There is no point having surgery if it will not provide you with the necessary results. It may be the case that surgery will not be your best option. Regardless, the choice of implants can significantly affect your results. Click Choosing Breast Implants to see which type of implant would be best for you. Your surgeon will discuss this, and much more, with you during your consultation. 
Breast implant surgery can have immense benefits to the appearance of your breasts. However, it is advisable that you do not have unrealistic expectations. Be honest about what you want the surgery to achieve. You should also ask your surgeon how long your implants will last; further surgery may be required to ensure long-lasting results. Sometimes, changes such as pregnancy may require you to change your implants too. 
5. What treatment do you offer? 
When thinking about what to ask your surgeon, you should consider the entire surgical process, from the initial consultation to the after-care plan. Be inquisitive and ask as many questions as you need to feel confident and comfortable prior to your surgery. 
Your surgeon should provide you with a detailed treatment and recovery plan following your surgery. It is important that you follow your surgeon’s after-care plan to ensure a swift recovery and mitigate any post-surgery complications. 
Find out how long your surgeon’s patients usually take to recover from the procedure. However, be mindful that the length of recover time will depend on the individual patient. 
6. What is your success rate with this procedure? 
Patients often shy away from asking their surgeon such a question; you may think it rude or inappropriate, but it is a really important question. Gaining an insight into your surgeon’s qualifications, experience, and results is no bad thing. 
Not every surgeon is qualified to perform all types of operations. It will help put your mind at ease if you know that your surgeon has the sufficient experience and qualifications to carry out the procedure that you want. At Suffolk Breast Practice, you can be assured that our surgeons operate to the necessary standard. 
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