As surgeons, our number one priority will always be our patients and if you have had surgery recently, now is the time that you should consider self isolating. 
The NHS announced that they were postponing millions of operations to take coronavirus patients, as reported in The Guardian. You may be aware, that at Suffolk Breast Practice we work with NHS patients too. This means that soon we are likely to be faced with further challenging times and want to ensure that patients are always our priority. 
Patient care is engrained in us, like part of our DNA as surgeons in whatever field we are to fix, help and support wherever we can. 
We are all facing some difficult times ahead and as a private breast practice we urge patients who have undergone surgery most recently to stay safe by ensuring you: 
Stay at home and self isolate after surgery 
Limit contact to people 
Wash your hands (especially if you’re in continuous contact with objects) 
If you have any problems - you should call someone to help you 
Keep up to date with the guidelines provided by the Government 
Patients can be vulnerable physically and mentally post any surgery. These small tips are just to help you take stock of what you can do whilst we are in these challenging times. 
A post operative check up is important to ensure there are no complications. In these recent times, this may be undertaken by phone or by video calling. At Suffolk Breast Practice we have measures in place for our patients, and after careful consideration we will take account of each case by assessing the relevant factors when we are in touch. 
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