We understand why people require cosmetic breast surgery. There are many reasons, from the patients desire to achieve a certain look, to physical pain due to issues such as large sized breasts causing back pain, such as in this article
Some can be affected mentally due to other non physical issues it can bring up, including body dysmorphia. Whatever the reason, it is important to find a Cosmetic Breast surgeon who will listen to you and be able to help you no matter what you are going through, whether that be physical or mental trauma before placing you on the operating table. 
We cannot reiterate how important it is when choosing your surgeon and that you consider weighing up whether you are saving costs by going aboard versus your own UK cosmetic breast surgeon at home. 
Patients are at risk of infections and other issues from being operated wherever they are. However the difference is that your surgeons in the UK are under a strict code of ethics. If something does go wrong, there are options available, unlike if you opt for surgery abroad. 
As the article above ‘Surgery tourism’ has stated, aftercare is an important element of any surgery. Patients may think it is a cheaper option to go abroad, however other costs such as flights and hotels and possible complications can cost more. Furthermore, if your surgery does not go the way it was planned and you arrive home with complications, it can cost the NHS to rectify the problems that have been caused by doctors abroad. In this lady’s case, she has endured trauma from the breast reduction surgery she had abroad which, has led to a mastectomy, but could’ve resulted in a worse state. 
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