Bigger breasts can affect a person’s self-esteem, body image, and health. There are a number of benefits of breast reduction that patients who are unhappy with their large breast size, can benefit from. 
The story of Ulrika Jonsson’s breast reduction surgery is a perfect example. Ulrika is a Swedish-British presenter and model, many of you may know from ITV’s Gladiators or Celebs Go Dating. Read Ulrika's full story and how breast surgery benefitted her below. 

Ulrika Jonsson’s Breast Reduction Story 

As a schoolgirl, Ulrika Jonsson reported she was bullied for having a small chest size. Her dream was to have larger breasts, and her dream came true in her mid-teens. But Jonsson began to struggle with the changes to her breasts. Ulrika wrote that she grew uncomfortable with her cleavage, which gave her back ache and neck pain. Her newly developed breast size also attracted unwanted attention from men. 
Jonsson’s unhappiness continued through adulthood, until she decided to have a breast reduction. At the age of 41, Jonsson had her breasts reduced and her bust lifted. Naturally, she felt trepidation about what her breasts would look like after surgery and she was impressed. There was a little scarring visible, more so under the armpits, but her breasts were now even and her nipples retained sensation. As a result of her surgery, Jonsson was finally able to accept her body. 
In terms of the procedure, Jonsson underwent a reduction mammoplasty, a mastopexy, and an axilla plasty. In the years following her surgery, she experienced changes to her breasts due to weight loss and the menopause. As of November 2020, Jonsson continues to be satisfied with her surgery. 

The Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery 

Ulrika Jonsson’s story is a real-world example of the benefits of breast reduction that many women experience. 
Health concerns and discomfort resulting from enlarged breasts, such as back and neck ache, are legitimate reasons to seek a breast reduction. Surgery can help alleviate the pain and reduce stress in these areas, which helped in Jonsson’s case. Breast reductions are also effective at increasing one’s general comfort when wearing clothing, especially if the clothing is snug or tight across the chest. This is particularly true if you suffer from bra strap pain due to your breast size. 
A major benefit of having a breast reduction is improved self-confidence around body image. In Jonsson’s case, her large breasts made her feel awkward when in public as she would immediately attract unwanted attention. This naturally caused her to be self-conscious and she claims this was a contributing factor to her seeking breast reduction surgery. After her operation, however, her self-confidence improved as she became comfortable with her new breast size. 
Ultimately, a breast reduction can greatly enhance your quality of life. For example, if you struggle to partake in exercise due to discomfort from your breasts, reduction surgery can help you. However, as with any surgery, breast reductions are certainly not without risks. But these can be mitigated by choosing a qualified surgeon and receiving an appropriate after-care service. 
If you would like to learn more about breast reductions, please visit our cosmetics procedures page. 
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