It’s the start of 2020 Breast Cancer is no longer the ‘C’ word that no one uses, with as many as 150 new cases a day. Coupled with AI - Artificial Intelligence which in many respects is no longer a thing of the future and the health care sector is now using both to diagnose. 
Now comes the issue whether AI is taking over jobs all over the world. Do we need to be concerned? 
A recent study in the journal Nature has reported that AI is more accurate than a doctor diagnosing breast cancer from mammograms. 
How will this impact the two radiologist it takes to review x-rays and find the diagnoses? You can read the report AI/Breast Cancer here. 
This is good news for radiologist as it will free up their time to assess more patients quickly. If it means that patients can get their information faster, this has got to be better for patient care and well being. It can mean the time is reduced in waiting for results. We are excited about the prospect of AI working hand in hand with clinicians as it can avoid unnecessary biopsy recalls as well as help diagnose cancer in patients more accurately. 
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