At Suffolk Breast Practice, we seek to educate as well as provide care for our patients. You may be concerned about bumps on your areola, but there is generally no need to worry. These bumps are called Montgomery glands, or Montgomery’s Tubercles, and act to moisturise the nipples. They are present in both men and women and may look like small pimples on the areola. 
Is it Normal to Have Bumps on My Areola? 
Bumps on your areola are perfectly normal and are not often a cause for concern. They are a combination of milk glands and sebaceous glands, which produce a substance that lubricates the nipples and areola in order to protect against breast infections. Pregnant women often notice an increase in the size of these bumps. Hormone imbalances can alter the size of the bumps, especially during menstruation, as can general physical changes such as weight gain. 
When Should I Be Concerned? 
If these bumps on your areola become swollen or painful, you may have a breast infection or other underlying cause, in which case it is recommended that you speak to a medical professional. In some cases, changes to the areola can be a sign of a malignant condition such as breast cancer. Please feel free to book a consultation with us if you are concerned. 
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