You have just found out you are pregnant, but you’ve booked yourself a breast enlargement for next week. Or, maybe you have recently had a breast reduction and you are worried that getting pregnant will undo the good work. 
Whatever the case, pregnancy can affect your breast surgery results. So, what happens if you get pregnant after breast surgery? Suffolk Breast Practice walks you through your options. 
Pregnancy and Cosmetic Breast Surgery 
Getting pregnant after breast surgery can bring up several questions. If you have had breast implants, the quality of your implants should not be affected. Women’s experience of pregnancy can vary, and each woman will experience different changes to their breasts. If any such changes impact the cosmetic appearance of the breast, then further surgery is usually required to restore the look of the breast. Breast augmentation surgery, with the insertion of new implants, can help with this. 
If you have had a breast lift instead of implants and you find that pregnancy has changed the appearance of your breasts, further surgery can help restore your desired results. An increase in breast size during pregnancy will usually happen regardless of whether you have had a breast lift or any other cosmetic procedure. 
Should I Have a Breast Reduction after Pregnancy? 
Breast enlargement is entirely normal during pregnancy. The level of increase will vary according to each woman. As a result, you may be unhappy with your increased breast size if you have recently had a breast reduction. But pregnancy can cause weight loss as well as weight gain. 
Following childbirth, your breasts may decrease in size. The appearance of your breasts after pregnancy will usually be different to what you are used to. If you desire a breast reduction following pregnancy, you should wait at least 6 months after the birth of your child to undergo surgery. This will allow your body to adjust to any changes caused as a result of pregnancy. 
Am I able to Breastfeed after Breast Surgery? 
Aside from your breast’s appearance, you may be worried about your ability to breastfeed. Breast surgery that involves the adjustment of the nipple or areola can affect the production of milk in the breast. However, breastfeeding is still possible following surgery. 
If you have had a breast lift, augmentation, or breast reduction, you should still be able to breastfeed without problem. While some women produce less milk following surgery, it is not inevitable that you will have a problem breastfeeding during the postpartum period. 
Getting Pregnant after Breast Surgery 
Pregnancy can have long-lasting effects on the look of your breasts. If you have fallen pregnant after breast surgery, there is no need to panic. There are several options available to you, including further surgery following childbirth, to restore your breast’s appearance. 
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