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Cosmetic surgery is popular across the world, in many different countries. As of 2019, the most popular cosmetic surgery for women in the UK is breast augmentation, followed by breast reduction.  
There are multiple reasons why cosmetic breast surgery is popular. This is because there are many benefits of having cosmetic surgery. We explore the most popular cosmetic breast surgeries and how they can transform your appearance. 
In September 2020, the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) began a consultation on the banning of cosmetic surgery advertisements aimed at young people under the age of 18. 
Having surgery is an incredibly important decision that can give you life changing results. That is why surgeons have a duty to be responsible and ethical in their application. At Suffolk Breast Practice, our patients’ welfare is at the heart of our service. 
We understand the cosmetic and psychological benefits of surgery for patients, as well as the risks. It is vitally important that surgeons recognise their responsibility, particularly with regards to people below the age of 18 who may seek cosmetic surgery as a solution to their body anxieties. 
Young People and Cosmetic Surgery Ads 
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