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Our Consultation Process

Step 1

Contact Suffolk Breast Practice by call, email, or enquiry form with your concern or question.

  • Step 2 After contacting us, you will receive two separate responses in two to three days from both our patient liaison and PA, Katie Heampsted-Smith, and our surgeon, Mr Hussein Tuffaha, answering your query.
  • Step 3 We will then offer two consultation options; a 30 minute consultation for £150 or a mini 15 minute consultation for £50. We have in-clinic and online consultation options available.
  • Step 4 On the agreed consultation date, you will be assessed in our cosy clinic. Based on your health and concerns, we will tell you all the suitable options. Please rest assured we will never try to upsell or suggest a procedure not suited to your requirements.

Step 5

After the assessment, you will receive a letter detailing the consultation, a quote for the procedure, and the relevant leaflet about the proposed surgery. The fixed price will include the hospital, surgeon, tests, and pre and post-op consultations.

  • Step 6 On the agreed post-op date, you will have another consultation with a nurse to confirm your fitness suitability for the surgery. We will discuss what will happen during the procedure, and pictures will be taken in clinical photography. We will require your electronic signature for our consent form signed the same day.
  • Step 7 On the agreed surgery date, we will require further written consent. The final details will be confirmed to ensure your full understanding of the operation and expected outcome.

Step 8

Once confirmed, your surgeon will make markings to ensure precision. You will then be placed under anaesthetic and the surgery will take place. All patients are discharged the same day unless an issue occurs.

  • Step 9 After the post-op assessment, you will be discharged with guidelines for your recovery. If you notice any problems, please contact Suffolk Breast Practice immediately where we will refer you to our surgeon for next steps.
  • Step 10 After the surgery, we will arrange a minimum of two in-clinic follow-ups to monitor your recovery and address any issues with healing. However, you can see your surgeon for up to a year after the surgery if needed (also included in the price).

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