Breast Implant Problems 

Signs of Breast Implant Problems in Ipswich, Suffolk 

Have you undergone surgery to insert breast implants? You may be experiencing complications relating to these implants and wish to find out more. You may also be concerned about signs of breast implant problems in Ipswich, Suffolk. At Suffolk Breast Practice, we open our doors to the people of Suffolk, Essex, and surrounding areas. We offer an empathetic service to ensure you receive the highest standard of care and advice possible. 

Problems with Breast Implants in Ipswich, Suffolk 

Certain problems with breast implants in Ipswich, Suffolk, while others are less so. Following surgery, your breasts may swell due to bleeding around the implant. You may also experience a loss of sensation in your nipples; it is possible to develop a breast infection if such complications are not addressed. A consultation is advised to determine the cause of any complications following surgery. Based in Suffolk, we welcome patients from Essex and surrounding areas; no matter where you live, we hold a deep commitment to our clients. 
To reduce the risk of complications developing, we recommend you wear comfortable clothing, such as a support bra, to help the recovery process. We can discuss options of where you may be able to obtain such clothing in the Essex area. We also recommend that you do not engage in any strenuous physical activity, such as heavy lifting. You may return to work after the first week of surgery, although this will depend on your recovery process. 
Over long term breast implants may migrate, rotate, or sometimes rupture. The breast might change shape and deformities like the waterfall deformity and double bubble can occur. If you notice any signs of breast implant problems in Ipswich, Suffolk, contact us as soon as possible. 

Breast Implant Complications in Ipswich, Suffolk 

If you have experienced breast implant complications in Ipswich, Suffolk, we suggest you contact us for a consultation. Further surgery may be required to alter the implants to ensure maximum comfort and general health. The correction of implants is not typically available on the NHS due to them being considered as cosmetic procedures. That is why we are here to help clients in the Essex and Suffolk area. 
If you have undergone surgery and have experienced complications with your implants, this may deter you from exploring other options that could benefit you. Breast lift surgery, for example, does not require the insertion of implants and is a popular procedure for women in the UK. Click here to read more about breast lifts. As members of the Association of Breast Surgeons, we take pride in our commitment to provide impartial information to the benefit of our patients, whether you are based in Essex or anywhere else. 
To prevent recurring problems, it is recommended that you have your breast implants checked every three years. Suffolk Breast Practice offers the highest standard of care and advice to people in Suffolk, Essex, and surrounding areas. We provide an expert follow-up service to all our patients following surgery, including breast implant checks. If you have not had your breast implants checked, we encourage you to book an appointment with us for a scan. 
If you wish to book a consultation regarding any signs of breast implant problems in Ipswich, Suffolk, contact us today

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