After your breast surgery, it is important to follow your specialist’s aftercare advice and treatment plan. At Suffolk Breast Practice, we pride ourselves on the highest standard of aftercare, ensuring the recovery process is as comfortable as possible. However, there are several things you can do to aid your recovery. Below, we outline the top 5 tips to stay comfortable after surgery. 
1. Get Lots of Rest 
It is very important you have lots of rest in the days and weeks following surgery. Depending on the operation, you may feel sore or have aches and pains. The effects of the anaesthetic can cause tiredness; you should refrain from driving home following the surgery due to impaired reaction time. To ensure a swift recovery, we advise you get enough sleep and to avoid any strenuous activity. Sleep on your back and support yourself with V pillows if necessary. 
2. Wear Comfortable Bras 
We recommend you wear an appropriate bra to support your recovery process and ensure ease of comfort following surgery. Your breasts may feel numb or tender to touch; we advise you wear a bra that has easily adjustable straps. Straps that dig into your shoulders can cause unnecessary pain and increase the tenderness around the breast. Non-wired bras and front-fastening bras are good options, as is any loose-fitting clothing that is easy to remove. 
3. Note Any Painful or Worrying Symptoms 
Surgery carries risks. To ensure maximum comfort, it is important that you note down any painful or worrying symptoms, such as swelling, infection, or bleeding. These symptoms can be mitigated by reporting them to your specialist surgeon, who will advise you on the appropriate action to take. At Suffolk Breast Practice, we will work with you to determine the cause of your symptoms and provide you with the necessary treatment plan to ensure you are comfortable after surgery in the unlikely event should this occur. 
4. Take Your Time 
Take your recovery process at your own pace. Some people recover faster than others, depending on their aftercare plan and the operation they have had. It will take time to return to your normal daily routine. Showering and dressing yourself can initially be a struggle. Tie your hair in a plait prior to your operation so you don’t have to worry about washing your hair if you feel too weak. Do not stay idle; when you feel ready, begin with basic forms of exercise, such as moving around the house to avoid possible issues such as blood clots. 
5. Follow Our Advice 
The best thing you can do to ensure you are comfortable after surgery is to follow the advice of your specialist. Following surgery, we will agree with you an aftercare plan to ensure a swift recovery process. Suffolk Breast Practice will support you through whichever treatment plan is agreed upon; we recommended you follow this plan to ensure ease of comfort. Medications are available to aid the recovery process if necessary. 
Suffolk Breast Practice offer a calm and non-judgmental service to ensure you receive the highest standard of care possible. If you would like to book an appointment for consultation, do contact us. At Suffolk Breast Practice, we provide a 5-Star aftercare service to all our patients to ensure a smooth recovery process. 
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