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    Breast Symptoms Ipswich, Suffolk

    People regularly turn to our team at the Suffolk Breast Practice for assistance with their breast symptoms in Ipswich, Suffolk. Breast lumps are a common cause for concern, but 90% of them are benign and non-cancerous. Whatever breast issues you’re experiencing, our specialist team is committed to offering the best help and advice possible.

    From worrisome nipple discharge to self-confidence-boosting breast enlargement, we strive to offer quality care. We make certain you are well-informed and professionally cared for throughout your entire experience with us.

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    Assessing Breast Symptoms in Ipswich

    For all breast symptoms in Ipswich, Suffolk, we first conduct detailed assessments of your symptoms or condition. We ask a combination of clinical and personal questions, including family history and genetics. This is followed by a triple assessment, which allows us to understand the full details.

    Rest assured that any abnormalities will be fully explained and investigated as quickly as possible.


    • What is the Most Common Symptom of Breast Cancer?

      For many patients, the first sign of breast cancer is a lump, either in the breast area or the armpit. It’s important to note most lumps are not cancerous, but you should always have them checked.

      Other common symptoms include:

      Changes to the skin texture, such as puckering and dimpling

      Nipple discharge

      Redness, rashes and peeling skin

      Changes in the shape and size of one or both breasts

      Changes to the nipple position

      While these symptoms aren’t necessarily an indicator of breast cancer, you should always seek medical assistance if you notice one or more, or if anything feels unusual.

    • Do Breast Symptoms Come and Go?

      Certain breast symptoms, such as pain and tenderness, can be cyclical and part of the menstrual cycle. In these cases, you’ll notice breast symptoms come and go in a regular pattern each month. Other factors, including pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause can also cause fluctuating breast symptoms due to changes in hormones.

      Some breast symptoms may come and go, but not in a regular pattern. In this instance, you should always get them checked. If you experience new symptoms or any that are unusual for you, we’d always recommend having them checked.

    • When should I consult a healthcare professional about breast symptoms?

      If your breast symptoms persist after two weeks, worsen or more start to appear, we recommend consulting a healthcare professional. Breast symptoms can include pain, rashes, dimpling, lumps, shape and size changes.