Common Breast Symptoms 

 Breast Symptoms in Ipswich, Suffolk 

At Suffolk Breast Practice we are often presented with a variety of breast concerns and breast symptoms in Ipswich, Suffolk, which are usually best managed under the care of our specialist team. 90% of breast lumps and other issues are due to benign, meaning non-cancerous causes, but here at Suffolk Breast Practice, we are committed to offering help and advice on a range of conditions. Our aim is to make sure you are well-informed and professionally cared for through detailed assessments of your symptoms or condition, from nipple discharge to a breast enlargement. 
Our assessment includes finding out as much as possible about our patients. We ask you questions which include a combination of clinical, personal, and family history and genetics and then we undertake a Triple Assessment to assess you in full detail. 
If an abnormality is confirmed on imaging, a biopsy will be needed to investigate the cause, which is usually carried out at the same time of the breast imaging. 
Read below for some common breast conditions. 

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