Nipple Discharge 

Nipple Discharge in Ipswich, Suffolk 

Nipple discharge in Ipswich, Suffolk is a relatively normal occurrence in women and is usually nothing to worry about. However, it is important to be breast aware at all times. At Suffolk Breast Practice, we provide all patients with the necessary information to help you make an informed decision on when to visit a professional healthcare provider. With a number of common causes, we are here to help you distinguish between them and recognise when nipple discharge is an indication of something more serious. 

Causes of Nipple Discharge in Ipswich, Suffolk 

There are several causes of nipple discharge in Ipswich, Suffolk and while most are innocuous, nipple discharge when accompanied by other symptoms can be an indicator of something more severe. Common causes of nipple discharge include complications arising from pregnancy. This is particularly with regards to the enlargement or blockage of milk ducts during breastfeeding. In the months prior to giving 
birth, your breasts will begin producing milk for you to breastfeed. This milk can leak from your nipples and while this may be slightly embarrassing, it is a perfectly normal occurrence. 
Nipple discharge can also be a sign of breast infection. If you are experiencing discharge from a single duct, we advise you to book a medical consultation with the team here at Suffolk Breast Practice in order for us to help determine the cause. You should get your breasts checked out more urgently if the discharge is happening multiple times per week, is bloody in colour, or is associated with a breast lump. Noncancerous lumps and tumours can also cause nipple discharge in Ipswich, Suffolk, as can physical trauma to the breast or side effects from certain medications. 
It is important to conduct regular self-examinations of your breasts and nipples in order to identify any changes or abnormalities. The same goes for when you are experiencing nipple discharge and it is also equally important to record the frequency of the discharge and the colour. Note if there is any blood visible in the discharge because this is typically associated with a serious underlying breast condition or disease, such as cancer. However, the absence of blood does not automatically mean the discharge is not related to any severe medical conditions. 
Following this, you should get in touch with our team, where we will carry out a more in depth examination and decipher the cause of your nipple discharge in Ipswich, Suffolk. We may recommend a biopsy in order to gain a better understanding of any abnormalities but ultimately, our priority lies with the needs of you as the patient. We are proud to be able to identify all causes of nipple discharge in Ipswich, Suffolk, and provide appropriate treatments. 
If you would like to book an appointment for examination, please contact us. 

Nipple Discharge Treatment in Ipswich, Suffolk 

At Suffolk Breast Practice, we understand how concerning it can be to discover any abnormalities in your breast. If you experience any of the above symptoms, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Suffolk Breast Practice. We offer an empathetic service, sensitive to your needs as our patient, and we pride ourselves on offering industry-leading support from start to finish. We seek to provide an ethical and non-judgemental service to ensure you receive the best care and advice possible for your nipple discharge in Ipswich, Suffolk. 
Most cases of nipple discharge are benign and in time, resolve themselves. Here at Suffolk Breast Practice, we will aim to ascertain the cause of your nipple discharge and develop a way to speed up the recovery process. Prior to your consultation, it is important to keep a diary detailing your nipple discharge for at least a few weeks. This will help give our medical experts a better idea of the cause of the problem and therefore, how to solve it. Get in touch with us for leading nipple discharge treatment in Ipswich, Suffolk today! 

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