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Nipple Discharge

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    Nipple Discharge Ipswich, Suffolk

    At the Suffolk Breast Practice, we speak to many patients experiencing nipple discharge in Ipswich, Suffolk. More often than not, it’s a normal occurrence, but our professional team is here to help with any concerns.

    We can assess you and your symptoms and ensure you’re fully informed on the best course of action. We may recommend you visit a healthcare provider in some cases, but this isn’t always necessary. We aim to help you learn more about nipple discharge in Ipswich, Suffolk, and recognise when it’s possibly an indication of something more serious.

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    Causes of Nipple Discharge

    If you’re worried about the causes of nipple discharge in Ipswich, Suffolk, you’re in the right place. Our experienced team can identify any problems and provide the best treatment. As a quick overview, let’s run through possible reasons for breast discharge in Ipswich:

    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
    • Breast infection
    • Noncancerous lumps and tumours
    • Physical injury

    Pregnancy and breastfeeding cause many changes to the breasts, including the enlargement or blockage of milk ducts during feeding. Milk is produced during pregnancy, which causes us to see many patients who are worried about breast discharge in Ipswich, Suffolk. It may be embarrassing and often unexpected, but it is perfectly normal.

    Breast infections are another underlying reason for nipple discharge. It’s worth booking a medical consultation with our trained staff here at Suffolk Breast Practice if you’re concerned. If the discharge is frequent or you notice any blood or a lump, we’d recommend having it checked more urgently.

    Lumps are often benign and noncancerous, but we always suggest checking yourself regularly. With so many causes of nipple discharge in Ipswich, Suffolk, it’s best to identify any changes or abnormalities. While discharge is often not a cause for worry, in some cases it could be linked to a medical condition.

    Our friendly team is here to help with any concerns around breast discharge here at Suffolk Breast Practice. We offer non-judgmental services and the best treatments, including biopsies where necessary, keeping patients’ well-being our priority.

    If you would like to book an appointment for examination, please contact us.

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    Nipple Discharge Treatment

    Suffolk Breast Practice offers nipple discharge treatment in Ipswich, Suffolk. We understand how concerning it is to discover any abnormalities in your breasts, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Most cases of nipple discharge in Ipswich, Suffolk, are benign and will resolve themselves in time. We ascertain the cause of breast discharge and develop a plan to speed up your recovery. Before your appointment, keep a diary detailing your nipple discharge. It gives our medical experts a better idea of the cause and how to solve it.

    We provide an empathetic service sensitive to your needs and pride ourselves on offering industry-leading support from start to finish. We are committed to delivering ethical and non-judgemental treatment, ensuring you receive the best care and advice for your nipple discharge in Ipswich, Suffolk.


    • When Should I Be Worried About Nipple Discharge?

      Nipple discharge is typically not something to be concerned about. 

      See a GP if you have nipple discharge and any of the following:

      Happens regularly and isn’t a one-off

      Comes only from one breast 

      Contains blood

      Is smelly 

      Other breast symptoms such as lump, pain, redness or swelling 

      You’re a man 

      You’re over 50

      The likelihood is that your nipple discharge is nothing to worry about. However, it is always wise to get it checked.

    • What Causes Nipple Discharge?

      Nipple discharge can occur for a number of reasons including:

      Breastfeeding or pregnancy 

      A blocked milk duct

      An enlarged milk duct

      A non-cancerous lump in the breast

      Mastitis (a breast infection)

      Medication side effect 

      Nipple discharge is often not serious, but it’s always wise to get your symptoms checked out by a medical professional.

    • What Are the Treatment Options for Nipple Discharge?

      Nipple discharge is more common during pregnancy or breastfeeding, but anyone can be affected. You should always have it checked, no matter the colour or amount.

      If it’s an infection, you will be given antibiotics. However, you may require an ultrasound to identify any abnormalities as it could be cancerous or a cyst.

    • Are There Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Alleviate Nipple Discharge?

      It may help to stop habits that could be irritating your nipples. For example: sexual activity, wearing a specific bra or clothing material, touching your nipples or breasts, and using specific skincare products.

      Ultimately, it’s best to contact our specialist to ensure your nipple discharge is nothing to worry about.