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    Breast Pain Ipswich, Suffolk

    We offer support to patients suffering from breast pain in Ipswich, Suffolk. Breast pain, or mastalgia, is uncomfortable and can feel like a throbbing, sharp, aching pain or general tenderness. People often assume the worst when they experience sore breasts, but there are many potential causes.

    If you’re concerned about breast pain in Ipswich, our team of medical professionals is on hand to help at Suffolk Breast Practice. We recommend a full assessment to understand your symptoms and find the root cause. Sore breasts in Ipswich are a common complaint, with 1 in 5 women being seen after reporting discomfort.

    Don’t put off seeking help or receiving treatment. Contact us today to speak to a member of our friendly and professional team.

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    Breast Pain Causes

    At Suffolk Breast Practice, we’re well versed in breast pain causes in Ipswich, Suffolk. You may experience cyclical pain, which ties in with your menstrual cycle, or noncyclical pain which is unrelated to your cycle.

    Key causes are:

    • Menstrual cycle
    • Menopause
    • Pregnancy
    • Injury
    • Medical conditions and medications
    • Stress

    Cyclical breast pain is a normal, but uncomfortable, part of menstruation. Breasts are often swollen and tender to touch during parts of your cycle, and the pain may spread to your underarm area. If anything feels different to usual, it’s a good idea to have it checked.

    Menopause is another cause of sore breasts in Ipswich, Suffolk, due to fluctuating hormone levels. It’s not usually a cause for concern, but if it’s affecting your daily life, we recommend speaking to a professional.

    Pregnancy is one of the most common breast pain causes in Ipswich, Suffolk, due to changing hormones and growing milk ducts. Similarly, breastfeeding is associated with sore breasts, particularly if you develop engorgement or mastitis. While uncomfortable, these are generally nothing to worry about in the long term.

    It’s important to note that it’s not just women who suffer from breast pain in Ipswich, Suffolk: men and transgender people also experience it.

    If you have any concerns about breast discomfort, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Suffolk Breast Practice. We offer a non-judgemental and personalised service based on your needs.

    Breast Pain Relief

    At Suffolk Breast Practice, we can provide breast pain relief in Ipswich, Suffolk, for a range of breast symptoms. It’s important to recognise when your breast pain becomes a cause for concern. Please contact us immediately if you experience any changes to the shape or size of your breasts.

    Other symptoms to seek urgent help for include:

    • Nipple discharge that’s bloody or clear in colour
    • Painful rashes or dimpled skin
    • Breast pain not linked to your menstrual cycle
    • Any signs of infection, including irritation, swelling and flu-like symptoms
    • Pain that doesn’t subside or breasts that remain swollen

    While breast pain in Ipswich, Suffolk, isn’t necessarily a sign of cancer, it’s sensible to have it checked. In particular, book an appointment if you have a family history of breast cancer.

    At Suffolk Breast Practice, we understand breast pain is worrisome. We pride ourselves on operating under an ethical code of conduct that prioritises the needs of our patients. It enables us to offer leading methods of breast pain relief in Ipswich, Suffolks. Our empathetic service ensures you receive the relevant information in a non-judgmental and reassuring way.

    We may request a biopsy to devise a suitable and personalised treatment plan if abnormalities are detected during your initial consultation at Suffolk Breast Practice. Treatment can include pain relief medications, dietary and lifestyle changes, or any other therapies deemed beneficial to you.

    Get in touch with us today to explore your options for breast pain relief in Ipswich, Suffolk.


    • What Causes Breast Pain?

      Breast pain can be caused by multiple things, such as hormones, medical conditions, your bra and more.

    • When Should I Be Concerned About Breast Pain?

      Breast pain (mastalgia) is usually nothing to worry about and is typically not a sign of cancer. In fact, it affects 70% of women. It should subside after a few minutes. However, if your breast pain persists, contact us for advice or call 999 for an emergency.

    • What Are the Treatment Options for Breast Pain?

      Breast pain typically clears by itself. However, you may require an ultrasound to identify any abnormalities if it’s serious. If your breast pain is caused by an infection, you will be given antibiotics.