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    Areola Lift Surgery Ipswich, Suffolk

    Women who are unhappy with the size, shape, or overall look of their areolas or nipples could benefit from minor areola lift surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk.

    If the size or positioning of your areolas is affecting your self-confidence, this type of surgery can help reduce the size and improve the look of one or both of your areolas.

    At Suffolk Breast Practice, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality advice and care. Contact us today for more information regarding a nipple lift in Ipswich, Suffolk, to help you make an informed decision.

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    Nipple Lift

    A nipple lift in Ipswich, Suffolk, focuses on the areola, which is the pigmented area surrounding the nipple. Areolas are usually darker than the surrounding skin and come in various shapes and sizes

    Large areolas are perfectly normal, however, if you’re unhappy with how yours look, areola lift surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk, is available.

    A nipple lift is a procedure that can be performed on its own or alongside other surgical procedures such as a breast lift, breast augmentation, inverted nipple or breast reduction surgery.

    Areola Lift

    An areola lift in Ipswich, Suffolk, is a procedure that involves making incisions to remove the outer area of the areola. The incisions are then stitched together, reducing the areola’s size. Surgical correction of inverted or flat nipples is also available.

    These procedures are carried out under local or general anaesthetic. Your surgeon will discuss the best option with you at your in-depth consultation.

    Suffolk Breast Practice takes the health and well-being of our patients very seriously. We always ensure patients are fit to undergo surgery and we’ll only operate if it’s in your best interest. We’ll support you in your journey with us, from the first consultation to any follow-up service we advise.

    Book a consultation today to discuss if areola lift surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk, is the right option for you.


    • How long does it take for a nipple lift to heal?

      Everyone’s recovery is different. But, on average you’ll be able to do light activities after two weeks and normal activities after six weeks. 

      Following a nipple lift, you should have at least two weeks off work and avoid sexual activity at this time too.

    • What is an areola lift?

      An areola lift is a short procedure where an incision is made to remove the outer area of the areola, the space around the nipple. After stitching the incisions, the areola’s size becomes smaller and is lifted.

    • What is the recovery time for an areola lift?

      We advise you to wait two weeks before driving and continuing sexual activity. On average, you can do light activities after two weeks and normal activities after six weeks, but you may require help during this time.

    • Can I breastfeed after an areola lift?

      Yes. An areola lift simply lifts the nipple and changes its size, but does not alter or damage the hormone or space that produces or releases breast milk.

    • Are there risks associated with an areola lift?

      Yes. Like any cosmetic surgery, complications can occur during and even after the procedure. For example, bleeding, infection, an adverse reaction to the anaesthesia, or allergic reaction. Please rest assured our surgeon considers all these risks before the procedure to keep you in safe hands.

    Contact us today to discuss how we can guide you through your breast surgery options.

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