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    Gynaecomastia Treatment in Ipswich, Suffolk

    For gynaecomastia treatment in Ipswich, Suffolk, our expert and non-judgemental team are here for you. Gynaecomastia is a common condition that causes enlarged breast tissue in men and boys. Often referred to as ‘man boobs’, the condition often causes feelings of anxiety and self-consciousness. 

    Gynaecomastia surgery isn’t routinely available on the NHS as it’s considered a cosmetic procedure. Private hospitals and clinics, such as Suffolk Breast Practice, are the main providers of gynaecomastia treatment in Ipswich.

    What can I Expect from Gynaecomastia Treatment?

    Surgery isn’t always the best option for gynaecomastia treatment, as it won’t fix the underlying cause. The first step is to conduct an in-depth breast assessment to establish the best course of action. Where surgery is agreed as the most suitable treatment, we’ll ensure you are suitable for this more intensive gynaecomastia treatment in Ipswich, Suffolk.

    Where another treatment is deemed more suitable, such as medication, we will advise you of your options and support you to make the best decisions for you. 

    Gynaecomastia surgery is usually carried out under general anaesthetic. Each individual requires a unique treatment plan, but a common approach is to perform a breast reduction, with or without liposuction to remove excess fat. An incision is made around the nipple, excess tissue is removed and the nipple is repositioned afterwards. 

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    Gynaecomastia Surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk

    There are several causes of gynaecomastia, with obesity being a very common cause. Excess body fat is part of the issue itself, but it also causes higher oestrogen levels, leading to the enlargement of breast tissue.

    Many cases start during puberty due to fluctuating hormonal levels, and older men are particularly susceptible due to higher body fat levels. Lifestyle choices can also lead to excess fat and the need for gynaecomastia surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk. 

    At Suffolk Breast Practice, we understand this condition can have a significant impact on the quality of your day-to-day life. We offer totally empathetic and non-judgmental gynaecomastia treatment in Ipswich, Suffolk, to help you feel like you, starting with your initial consultation.

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    Male Breast Gynaecomastia Surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk

    As with any operation, there are risks involved with male breast gynaecomastia surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk. The following side effects are a normal part of the recovery process:

    • Scarring around the nipples
    • Pain
    • Swelling and/or bruising
    • Haematoma (bleeding within the breast tissue)

    We offer extensive aftercare and will give you in-depth guidance on how to make your recovery as comfortable as possible. It is important you follow the advice given to you by your surgeon to ensure a swift recovery. 

    It may take several weeks for you to return to a normal daily routine and we recommend you avoid any strenuous physical activity for the first few weeks. Taking time off work is also recommended. 

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    • What is Gynecomastia?

      Gynecomastia is the medical term for men having enlarged breasts. It’s a common condition that causes boys and men’s breasts to swell and become larger than normal. The condition is most common in teenage boys and older men.

    • How Much Time Does it Take to Recover From Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

      After having a male breast reduction surgery, you can expect your stitches to dissolve in around one to two weeks. Those in recovery from the surgery should avoid stretching, strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for around three weeks. After around six weeks, you will be able to return to your normal activities.

    • Is Gynecomastia Surgery Safe?

      Yes, gynecomastia surgery is generally a safe surgery with an extremely high success rate. However, like all procedures, it is not without risks, which we will discuss during your consultation.

    • Can Gynecomastia Come Back After Treatment?

      Yes, while gynecomastia is supposed to be permanent, certain triggers can cause the tissue to grow back. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to reduce this risk, such as reducing alcohol and drug consumption and increasing exercise.

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