Breast Asymmetry 

Breast Asymmetry in Ipswich, Suffolk 

Breast asymmetry correction is a surgical procedure used to correct uneven breasts. Many women have breast asymmetry in Ipswich, Suffolk to some extent; however, you may wish to have surgery if the unevenness becomes noticeable or affects your daily life in any way. Here at Suffolk Breast Practice, we understand the importance of a woman’s breasts in terms of health and self-confidence. Therefore, we offer an empathetic and non-judgemental service sensitive to the needs of our patients, to help our patients make the best decision regarding surgery. 

Breast Asymmetry Correction in Ipswich, Suffolk 

Breast asymmetry correction in Ipswich, Suffolk is suitable for women whose breasts are majorly uneven, both in terms of size and shape. For example, one breast may be significantly larger than the other. You may also have one breast that sags, while the other is firm and rests higher. There are several causes of breast asymmetry, including stunted breast development (breasts hypoplasia), underdeveloped chest muscles (poland syndrome), and other general complications arising from puberty. Suffolk Breast Practice understands the impact this can have on self-confidence and psychological wellbeing. 
We will always provide you with a pre-assessment to ensure you are fit and healthy to undergo breast asymmetry correction in Ipswich, Suffolk. This type of surgery may not be suitable for everyone so we recommend you book an appointment for a consultation to ensure you receive impartial advice regarding your desires. 
Surgery to correct breast asymmetry in Ipswich, Suffolk involves the alteration of the breasts to improve their symmetry. Prior to the operation, you will be placed under anaesthesia to ensure ease of comfort. There are several risks that can arise from surgery, such as infections, abnormal reactions, or bleeding. These risks will be discussed with you prior to the surgery. 
Depending on your needs, we can offer you several surgical options. If one breast is sagging, a breast lift may be the best option. If one breast is smaller than the other, breast augmentation surgery will be the most suitable procedure. Alternatively, if you have one larger breast, a breast reduction can reduce its size in line with that of the other, ensuring the breasts sit evenly. 
It is important to note that visible scarring can occur as a result of breast asymmetry surgery, although these usually fade over time. 

Breast Asymmetry Surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk 

Following your operation, the incisions in your breast tissue will be covered with the appropriate dressing. We recommend you rest and refrain from any strenuous physical activity in the days following surgery. Should you experience any subsequent swelling, soreness, pain, or general discomfort following breast asymmetry surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk, we recommend you contact us for advice. At Suffolk Breast Practice, we pride ourselves on providing expert after-care to all our patients. We will arrange a follow-up appointment to ensure a smooth recovery process. 
Suffolk Breast Practice will support you through whichever treatment plan is agreed upon. We offer a calm and non-judgmental service to ensure you receive the highest standard of care possible. If you would like to book an appointment for consultation regarding your breast asymmetry in Ipswich, Suffolk, please contact us. At Suffolk Breast Practice, we adhere to a strict ethical code that places the needs of the patient first. 

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