Breast Implant Exchange 

Breast Implant Exchange in Ipswich, Suffolk 

A breast implant exchange is the removal or exchange of breast implants due to complications or changes in the breasts. Breast implants do not last a lifetime; they will usually need to be replaced to ensure your breasts maintain their position as intended during the initial surgery. Suffolk Breast Practice provides you with the relevant information to help you decide whether a breast implant exchange in Ipswich, Suffolk is necessary for you. 

Breast Implant Exchange Surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk 

During your breast enlargement (augmentation) surgery, you will have received implants to improve the size and shape of your breasts. While these implants can last for many years, they will need to be removed or exchanged should they cause any unnecessary complications. Breast implant exchange surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk can help women who no longer desire implants, whatever the reason may be. 
Alternatively, you may wish to change the type of implant in your breast from silicone to saline. It must be noted, however, that silicone implants are the most common implants used in the UK. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages; silicone implants can cause lumps, although they are less likely to wrinkle over time. You can read more about breast implants. You may also desire a change in the size or shape of your breasts if you no longer find your current implants useful to you, this is when a breast implant exchange will be required. 
Problems arising from your initial surgery is a normal reason to desire a breast implant exchange. Your health is our top priority; if you have experienced complications following the surgical implementation of breast implants, we advise you to contact your specialist to determine the necessary steps to take. 
Here at Suffolk Breast Practice, we perform exchanges and other types of revisional surgery to enhance the appearance of your initial operation, if you were not happy with certain aspects of your original surgery. We can correct deformites like waterfall, which is where the breast sags over the original implant. We also provide surgery if there is a double bubble. This is when the original breast border is not divided properly or, the implant falls below the lower border of the breast. 
The procedure of a breast implant exchange in Ipswich, Suffolk involves the removal of the implants via the surgical incisions made during the initial augmentation surgery. However, depending on the technique, new incisions may be necessary. If you desire new implants, they will be inserted through the same process as augmentation surgery. 
If you no longer wish to have implants, they will simply be removed, and the wounds will be dressed accordingly. You may still desire to increase the size or shape of your breasts without implants, in which case a breast lift or breast auto augmentation will be the most appropriate option. At Suffolk Breast Practice, we only operate under the full consent of the patient. We offer an empathetic service and will support you throughout your surgery, treatment, and any follow-up care we advise. 

Implant Exchange in Ipswich, Suffolk 

You may experience scarring, swelling, and redness following implant exchange in Ipswich, Suffolk, and your breasts may feel tender to touch. We recommend you take adequate care and advise against engaging in any strenuous physical activity. Wear clothing, such as specialised bras, to help support your breasts and reduce any discomfort you may be experiencing. Of course we will explain what after care you will need to take to make the most of your recovery. 
Your breasts will look and feel different following your surgery due to the removal or change of implants, depending on which procedure you have had. It may take several weeks for you to return to a daily routine. It is also important to note any pain or discomfort you may have; feel free to contact us if you have any concerns after your follow-up appointment. Medications are available to help ease the pain you may have. 
If you would like to book an appointment for breast implant exchange in Ipswich, Suffolk, please contact us so that we can discuss your needs at the consultation phase. At Suffolk Breast Practice, we adhere to a strict ethical code that places the needs of the patient first. We are committed to ensuring you receive the highest standard of service. 

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