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    Breast Implant Exchange Ipswich, Suffolk

    Over time, existing implants change shape and position, meaning a breast implant exchange in Ipswich, Suffolk, is necessary. Breast implants are never permanent and will periodically need replacing to ensure they remain safe for you and your body.

    What to Expect From Breast Implant Exchange Surgery

    Breast implant exchange surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk involves the removal of your existing implants. Where possible, we’ll use the original surgical incisions but, depending on the technique and procedure, new incisions may be necessary.

    New implants are inserted through the same process as augmentation surgery.

    Some patients decide to undergo a new procedure, such as a breast lift or a breast auto augmentation. Our specialist surgeons work with you to find the right procedure to achieve your desired results.

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    Common Reasons For an Implant Exchange

    Here at Suffolk Breast Practice, we perform exchanges and other types of revisional surgery to enhance the appearance of your initial operation. There are many reasons why women decide to undergo a breast implant exchange. Let’s look at the most common ones.

    Changing Between Saline and Silicone

    Nearly all breast implants contain saline or silicone, and both have their pros and cons. We offer a breast implant exchange in Ipswich to patients wanting to change from one to the other, for whatever reason. Read more about choosing the best implant filling for you.

    Creating a New Shape

    Some patients love their new shape, but over time it changes and they want to rejuvenate their look. In other cases, women experience what we call “boob greed”, where they love their new breasts so much they decide to upgrade again. They may want to go bigger or change the implant profile for extra projection.

    In some instances, patients aren’t happy with their initial results and may even develop deformities like “waterfall” (where the breast sags over the original implant) or “double bubble” (when the original breast border is not divided properly, or the implant falls below the lower border of the breast).

    Removing Implants Altogether

    For whatever reason, patients sometimes want their implants removed altogether. In this case, we’ll simply remove the existing implants, close the wounds with stitches and ensure you have a smooth recovery.


    While complications from breast surgery are rare, we understand how distressing it is for patients who do experience it. If you’ve experienced previous complications and are wanting breast implant exchange surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk, we’ll support you through the process.

    We’d firstly advise you to reach out to your specialist to determine the necessary steps to take or book a consultation with us.

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    Aftercare for Breast Implant Exchange Surgery

    Your breasts will look and feel different following your surgery due to the removal or change of implants, depending on which procedure you’ve had. As with all surgical procedures, there are certain risks and side effects to be aware of:

    • Scarring
    • Pain and discomfort
    • Swelling and/or bruising
    • Haematoma (bleeding within the breast tissue)
    • Breast infection

    Expect it to take a few weeks for you to return to your normal activities. If you have any concerns or questions following a breast implant exchange, please do Contact Us to seek advice from your surgeon. We always encourage our patients to book a routine follow-up appointment to ensure you’re healing as expected.


    • How Long Does Breast Implant Exchange Surgery Take?

      A typical breast implant exchange will take from one to three hours. The length of the surgery will depend on if it’s just an exchange or not. Sometimes, additional procedures will be combined with the implant exchange, naturally taking longer.

    • Who is a good candidate for breast implant exchange?

      A good candidate for breast implant exchange will be someone who is in good health, has had their implants in for several years and requires replacements, has problems with their breast implants, or someone who wants to have a removal.

    • When is the right time for breast implant exchange?

      There is no specific ‘right time’ for breast implant exchange. However, those who have problems with their implants or have had them in for more than ten would benefit from this.

    • What are the options for new breast implants during exchange?

      Since the original implants will be removed, you can replace them with the same size, type, and shape, or have entirely different ones. Read our article to learn more about breast implants.

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