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Breast Auto Augmentation

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    Auto-Augmentation Ipswich, Suffolk

    Suffolk Breast Practice offers expert surgery for auto-augmentation in Ipswich, Suffolk. This surgical procedure is a way to lift, reshape or increase breast size using only natural tissue and without implants.

    Before recommending an auto-augmentation in Ipswich, Suffolk, we’ll conduct a thorough pre-assessment to factor in:

    • The amount of breast tissue
    • Skin elasticity
    • Skin firmness

    From here, we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan to help you achieve your desired look.

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    Breast Auto-Augmentation

    Undergoing a breast auto-augmentation in Ipswich, Suffolk, is different from having a breast lift or augmentation.

    It’s a way to achieve a subtle and natural look while retaining your original size or larger. We use all of the tissue to create the finished shape, whereas a traditional breast lift disposes of excess tissue, often resulting in a decrease in size.

    Unlike an augmentation, no implants are used. This is why we assess you first to ensure you have the right amount of tissue to achieve your desired look. Breast auto-augmentation in Ipswich, Suffolk, is also a popular choice for anyone wishing to remove implants rather than replace them.

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    Auto–Augmentation Mastopexy

    If you’re considering an auto-augmentation mastopexy in Ipswich, Suffolk, we urge you to book a consultation. We understand the various surgical options can be confusing, and our expert team is here to guide you through the process. Our non-judgemental advice is sensitive to your individual circumstances.

    Following an auto-augmentation mastopexy in Ipswich, Suffolk, some pain and discomfort is normal and expected. Our surgeons will dress the area and give you full advice on how to manage your recovery.

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    • What is the recovery time for auto-augmentation?

      After 6 weeks, you will see your final results. However, the full recovery time for a breast auto-augmentation is around 6-12 months.

      All of the details of your aftercare will be discussed with your surgeon. Adhering to the advice given will make your recovery more comfortable.

    • Can I have a breast auto-augmentation if I don’t have implants?

      You do not need to have implants to have a breast auto-augmentation. In fact, the procedure is a great option for breast augmentation without using implants at all.

      An auto-augmentation uses the body’s excess tissue to reshape and add volume to the breasts. This procedure achieves a more natural look and is an excellent alternative to a traditional breast lift.

    • How long do the results of breast auto-augmentation last?

      Best results will appear after a few months of having the surgery. While they are long-lasting, there is no set lifespan. Typically, the results will last for multiple years.

    • Can breast auto-augmentation be revised or reversed?

      Yes. While the procedure will be more complicated, an auto-augmentation can be revised but not reversed.

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