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    Breast Fat Transfer in Ipswich, Suffolk

    Breast fat transfer in Ipswich, Suffolk, takes fat from elsewhere in the body, such as the belly or thighs, to reshape and sculpture your breasts. This procedure, also known as lipofilling, has seen a 12% rise in popularity since 2017 and is now one of the most popular options for women in the UK.

    A fat transfer breast augmentation tackles two problematic areas at once, as fat is removed from unwanted areas and used to create an entirely different silhouette. 

    What Can I Expect From Fat Transfer Surgery?

    An operation for breast fat transfer in Ipswich, Suffolk takes place under general anaesthetic and takes around 2 hours. Incisions are made to allow us to use liposuction to remove unwanted fat from your specified area. We process these cells and inject them into your breast, where your body naturally absorbs them to create a fuller look.

    You’ll need to wear compression garments and a supportive bra for several weeks after the operation to help with healing and bruising. 

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    Fat Transfer to Boobs in Ipswich, Suffolk

    Using your own fat tissues is one of the big benefits of opting for breast fat transfer as opposed to other procedures, such as breast augmentation and enlargement, which use implants. A fat transfer will increase breast size and can improve symmetry, but the amount of fat we can transfer depends on each patient. 

    Your surgeon will discuss all possible treatment options with you at your consultation and help you to make an informed decision on the best way forward. See the testimonials from our previous patients to discover more about a fat transfer breast augmentation in Ipswich, Suffolk.

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    Aftercare for Breast Fat Transfer in Ipswich, Suffolk

    As with any operation, there are risks involved with breast fat transfer in Ipswich, Suffolk. These risks include:

    • Scarring
    • Pain
    • Swelling and/or bruising
    • Haematoma (bleeding within the breast tissue)
    • Breast infection
    • Loss of fat over time, leading to contour defects

    For the best chance of a smooth recovery, we advise against any strenuous activity following surgery. Rest as much as you can and try sleeping upright, supported by pillows, to help reduce the swelling. We can prescribe medication to ease any pain and make you as comfortable as possible. 

    Your surgeon will give you comprehensive aftercare advice for your fat transfer surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk. We also encourage you to book a follow-up appointment to ensure the recovery process is transpiring as planned. 

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    • What are the Restrictions After Breast Fat Transfer Surgery?

      For around one to two weeks after your breast fat transfer surgery, you should avoid any strenuous activity or exercise. It’s important as well that you wear the correct compression garments to reduce the swelling.

    • How is breast fat transfer performed?

      A fat transfer, or fat grafting, utilises liposuction to remove fat from your body (usually your thighs, abdomen, or bottom) and transfer it to your breasts under general anaesthesia.

    • What are the advantages of breast fat transfer over implants?

      Fat transfers are the most natural way of increasing your breast size and have a shorter recovery time. The shape can also be articulated to almost your exact requirements. Read our article about fat transfers to determine whether it’s the right option for you.

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