Areola Reduction 

Areola Reduction Surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk 

If you are unhappy with the size, shape, or general look of your areolas or nipples, surgery could be a beneficial option for you. If you feel your areolas are too large, and are therefore affecting your self-confidence, areola reduction surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk can help reduce the size of one, or both, of your areolas. 
We at Suffolk Breast Practice are committed to ensuring you receive the highest quality advice and care possible. We will provide you with information on areola reduction surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk to help you make an informed decision. 

Areola Reduction in Ipswich, Suffolk 

The areola is the pigmented, circular area that surrounds the nipple. Areolas come in various shapes and sizes, and are darker in colour when compared to the surrounding skin. Bumps on the areolas (known as Montgomery glands) are perfectly normal and act to moisturise the nipple. Large areolas are normal, however surgery for an areola reduction in Ipswich, Suffolk is available should you be unhappy with the look of your areolas. 
In some cases, surgery will not be the most beneficial option for you. Suffolk Breast Practice takes the health and wellbeing of our patients very seriously; we always ensure patients are fit to undergo surgery and only operate if it is in their best interests. Skin creams are an alternative to surgery, although you should consult a medical professional before application. 
Areola reduction surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk is a procedure which can be performed independently or alongside breast lift surgery, breast augmentation surgery, or breast reduction surgery, depending on your needs. The surgery can also be performed alongside a nipple reduction. Prior to surgery, local or general anaesthetic is administered. 
The surgery generally involves incisions to remove the areola’s outer area. The incisions are later stitched together and the areola is effectively reduced in size. Surgery is also available to correct inverted or low nipples, and improve the symmetry and general look of your areolas and to the breast in its entirety. 
Suffolk Breast Practice is here for you; feel free to book a consultation to discuss whether surgery is an option for you. We offer an empathetic service sensitive to your needs as our patient, and will support you in your journey with us, from initial consultation to any follow-up service we advise. We seek to provide an ethical and non-judgemental service to ensure you receive the best treatment and advice possible. 

Areola Surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk 

As with any operation, there are potential risks. These will be discussed with you during your consultation for areola surgery in Ipswich, Suffolk. You may experience some pain following surgery as well as temporary numbness and swelling. Scarring from the incisions may be visible before they heal, but are not usually noticeable. If the areola reduction is performed alongside another operation (a breast lift or nipple reduction, for example), then you should refer to the risks and complications associated with those procedures. We will provide you with the information you may need for this. 
We also recommend you follow the after-care advice given to you by your surgeon to ensure a swift and comfortable recovery after areola reduction surgey in Ipswich, Suffolk. 

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